Sunday, September 15, 2019

The F.E.D.S

I have been thinking lately about how I am ever going to complete the saga of the F.E.D.S, the comic series I named this blog after.  I began writing and drawing the FEDs in 1999! About 8 billion years ago. It is a series of mini-comics, that I photocopied and stapled together, as was the norm at the time. However, it doesn't seem prudent to continue it in such a format, as it won't been seen by many readers.

With Mutant Elf I have been able to post a weekly webcomic, that apparently reaches a decent sized audience. Though who knows how many views are really readers?

So, anyway, here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to alternate Mutant Elf and the FEDs on Comic Fury. I think this is the only way I'll ever get around to finishing the FEDs story. Which does have a definite ending. Then, when I get enough "chapters" done, I'll publish it in a trade paperback of some kind.

I will also be loading the original FEDs series on the Comic Fury site, hopefully a couple of pages a week. A refresher on what has happened so far!

Look for the FEDs in two weeks, and a new chapter of Mutant Elf starting the week after!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Review: Chimera Strikes! webcomic

Hello bloggy thing. I'm back!

I was reading the new Chimera Strikes! Webcomic on the site "webtoons" and I thought it time to get back to writing some decent stuff on my blog. I do like to talk about and promote things I like, after all.

I'm sure sometime in the past I've written about Mike Indovina and Paul Schultz's comics work. I've been a fan since I was going to the small press room at Mid-Ohio con of their various works. Paul's done some great retro-super hero comics with his Serial Squad and related works, and Mike has plenty of cool Greek Myth- related stuff with his Satyr comics. They have also worked together before on comics, which I seem to remember including Chimera.

The "original" Chimera was a gadget-wielding hero in the days of WWII. The "current" Chimera is somehow connected to this character. In this story the original Chimera was only a character in pulp magazine. Maybe. Because something weird and mystical has turned an otherwise ordinary man into the crime fighter from the comic.

Instead of telling you more, I'll tell you to read the comic. The style and format are very different that a typical comic, using the vertical space of the webpage and having the action flow downward. I like this a lot! And Mike and Paul are excellent storytellers.

Anyway, I give it two big thumbs up! Check it out, please!