Monday, April 2, 2012

F.E.D.s #16

Premiering at SPACE this year! This is it!  The most shocking development ever for John Chisolm and his friends!  It’s the twist you never could have predicted!  Could this be the beginning of the end for the F.E.D.s???

The Federation of Extra-normal Defenders #16 is a comic I’ve been waiting to make ever since I began the F.E.D.s back in 1999!  This is the type of story that can only work if there is a build-up over time, and the time for this story has finally come!  My overall plot for the F.E.D.s was determined before I began writing issue #1, though little details needed to be fleshed out.  This issue is one of those big turning points in a story that was planned from the start!  I hope it satisfies and surprises those who read the book.  If you aren’t coming to SPACE this year you can still order the book directly from me via e-mail for $1 plus shipping and/or trades are welcome!

Here’s a few non-spoiler panels:


  1. Hey Steve,

    I still haven't forgotten our exchange a while back about getting an issue of FEDS. You say you welcome trades too? I forgot your email address.

  2. (just like the blog name!) Yes, I LOVE trades!