Monday, March 26, 2012

SPACE Anthology: Mutant Elf has arrived!

Mutant Elf is a new project I’m working on that premieres as a chapter in the SPACE anthology comic.  The SPACE anthology is currently available for free online here at the SPACE website.  And just to make sure you’re tempted to go and download the SPACE anthology here’s the first page of Mutant Elf, scanned before it was colored:

Mutant Elf is a project I plan to continue, since it seems like such a neat idea to me.  It’s also the first story I’ve worked on in quite a while that is totally separate from the F.E.D.s.  Usually when I do a story for an anthology title, as I have for the SPACE anthology the past two years, I do some super-hero idea that doesn’t quite fit in the F.E.D.s but I want to get out of my head and onto paper.

By the way, the SPACE anthology is full of great work by lots of creators.  The thing that makes such projects fun is the variety of works you get within.  The SPACE anthology acts as a promotion for the SPACE convention (the Small Press and Alternative Comics Exposition), but also allows artists to showcase their works to those of you who won’t be able to attend the SPACE convention in Columbus (April 21st and 22nd).  After you look at the anthology, be sure to check out the websites for the various creators involved.  And if you check back here in the following weeks, I’ll be sure to post some reviews of the work in the SPACE anthology!

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