Sunday, February 16, 2020

Review: The Mona Lisa Twins

I have decided to write again on my blog. And I'm writing about music. I know I originally started this site about comics, but I have made the occasional foray into other media areas, so this is not unprecedented. I'm just really excited about something, so I thought I'd comment.

I discovered the Mona Lisa Twins a few months ago and immediately began to devour all if their posted videos on their website/You Tube channel.  Wow do I love to listen to their music! They have a very retro-sixties sound, including doing cover versions of many 60's songs, chiefly by the Beatles. I have previous blog entries about such things as The Turtles, so yeah, this is one of my favorite eras if music. I discovered the Beach Boys in the late '70s, listening to their great harmonies and catchy pop songs, and expanded from there. My biggest Beatles experience was when I was in college and started playing some Beatles songs with friends of mine, one who went on to front a Beatles cover band and still performs lots of oldies--sometimes as "John Lennon".

But on to the Mona Lisa Twins. I love any "young" person who appreciates that music did not begin in the year 2000. The twins (I'll use MLT for short from now on) are currently 25 and have been performing since they were 13! They are incredible musicians and singers, and they harmonize like...well....they are sisters, so I guess it comes naturally.

I recently acquired their first two albums of original music: When We're Together and Orange and have been listening to them a lot. The two albums differ a bit in style, and I think there's a lot of growth between the first and second, but they are both exceptional. My favorite song off of When We're Together is "I Wanna Kiss You" which is just a fun pop song with cool background vocals. I don't know how to review music like a real critic (or someone who understands the technical aspects of music) but I also just love "I Don't Know Birds That Well" and "Nothing is in Vain". The latter is a bit more psychedelic, with simple lyrics but a melody that is enchanting.

Orange has a lot more variety in musical styles, plus the addition of a certain John Sebastian on blues harmonica on two stellar tracks. The lyrics of a lot of these songs are amazing. "Waiting for the Waiter" is about slow service...or something much deeper. "Sweet Loraine" is an addictive tune about a girl who may just not be so sweet after all! "Count on Me" is the song I wish I could figure out the chords to because it's positive message would be nice to play. But my absolute favorite song is definitely "That's Life". Great harmonies, great tune, excellent lyrics!

So I was thinking what would I like to know or what would I like to hear from the MLT?

My questions:

Why "Orange"? Is it your favorite color? Why no songs with cool rhymes for orange?

Do you each have a favorite Beatle? (I do not have a favorite MLT. Cannot choose. Love you both!)

Can you do a cover a Turtles song, but not Happy Together?

For those of you who haven't heard, here's some links to my favorite MLT songs.

And since this is my art blog. I drew a cartoony rendition of the MLT here it is!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

The F.E.D.S

I have been thinking lately about how I am ever going to complete the saga of the F.E.D.S, the comic series I named this blog after.  I began writing and drawing the FEDs in 1999! About 8 billion years ago. It is a series of mini-comics, that I photocopied and stapled together, as was the norm at the time. However, it doesn't seem prudent to continue it in such a format, as it won't been seen by many readers.

With Mutant Elf I have been able to post a weekly webcomic, that apparently reaches a decent sized audience. Though who knows how many views are really readers?

So, anyway, here's what I'm going to do: I'm going to alternate Mutant Elf and the FEDs on Comic Fury. I think this is the only way I'll ever get around to finishing the FEDs story. Which does have a definite ending. Then, when I get enough "chapters" done, I'll publish it in a trade paperback of some kind.

I will also be loading the original FEDs series on the Comic Fury site, hopefully a couple of pages a week. A refresher on what has happened so far!

Look for the FEDs in two weeks, and a new chapter of Mutant Elf starting the week after!

Monday, June 3, 2019

Review: Chimera Strikes! webcomic

Hello bloggy thing. I'm back!

I was reading the new Chimera Strikes! Webcomic on the site "webtoons" and I thought it time to get back to writing some decent stuff on my blog. I do like to talk about and promote things I like, after all.

I'm sure sometime in the past I've written about Mike Indovina and Paul Schultz's comics work. I've been a fan since I was going to the small press room at Mid-Ohio con of their various works. Paul's done some great retro-super hero comics with his Serial Squad and related works, and Mike has plenty of cool Greek Myth- related stuff with his Satyr comics. They have also worked together before on comics, which I seem to remember including Chimera.

The "original" Chimera was a gadget-wielding hero in the days of WWII. The "current" Chimera is somehow connected to this character. In this story the original Chimera was only a character in pulp magazine. Maybe. Because something weird and mystical has turned an otherwise ordinary man into the crime fighter from the comic.

Instead of telling you more, I'll tell you to read the comic. The style and format are very different that a typical comic, using the vertical space of the webpage and having the action flow downward. I like this a lot! And Mike and Paul are excellent storytellers.

Anyway, I give it two big thumbs up! Check it out, please!

Monday, November 26, 2018

The Ice Queen

I thought it about time I post some of my recent art here. I did this for a class I took this year. Final was produced with PITT black markers and Studio 71 alcohol-based color markers.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Stan Lee is gone

News that isn't unexpected, yet still difficult to hear. I can't express how I feel, yet I feel I must try.

Stan Lee is proof that art can have a serious positive impact on the lives of those who consume it. He was a great writer and speaker, and he became great by doing things his own way, not following the crowd. He was humble about his success, though he hyped his products in any way he could, as a great salesman should. He helped create a Pop Culture world with the Marvel Universe.

The man wasn't just a writer, editor and creator. He was an American treasure!

Need I add: