Monday, April 23, 2012

SPACE 2012 recap

(This is shorter than I'd like but I'm feeling a bit under the weather today.)

I spent the weekend in Columbus at the 2012 SPACE convention.  SPACE is always a wonderful experience for me for several reasons.  It’s nice to be away from the mainstream comics and hype of most major cons.  Though media guests and previews of the next big movie can be fun, it’s nice to see a group of "small-time" artists and creators who are there to promote their latest artistic endeavors.  The comics and other art at SPACE are great examples of "labors of love", and that makes them extra cool! The atmosphere at SPACE is always friendly and fun, both the fellow exhibitors and the people who came by my table couldn’t have been nicer. 

Bob Corby is the wonderful host and creator of SPACE!
For me, the con was very financially successful, also and I want to thank everyone who purchased a statue, crocheted item, or comic from me or those who traded me.  SPACE is the only place where I generally sell a significant number of my comics, and it’s especially nice to have people who wish to read my stuff!  And these items were rather popular this year:

I picked up a nice stack of comics, and I intend to review them all in future entries on this blog!  These comics include:

Fantasy Theatre

The Scavengers

Homegrown Alien

Night Watchmen

Blink: Wonka Wonka Kochalka

Yuri: Gypsy Hunter

Plastic Farm


Bunny Blues: Leaves

The Possum


American Barbarian

So keep checking in to see reviews!

On another topic, my next blog entry here simply has to be a review of episode 2.08 of Out With Dad!  I figured I could finish my SPACE Anthology posts and then get an Out With Dad review done before episode 2.09 was released.  But Jason Leaver went ahead and released a new mini episode early!  Now I’m behind schedule!  Jason should consult with me before he does these things!  Anyway, I should have that review up in a day or two!


  1. Nice seeing you, Steven. Is that picture of Bob in 3D?

  2. That is indeed Bob in 3D. I didn't take the picture or anything, however, I just copied it from the SPACE facebook page!