Sunday, April 15, 2012

SPACE Anthology 2012 review, part 2

This is the second and final part of my review of the SPACE Anthology, available as a free download here.

Siegfried & Humie by Matt & Jeanie Bryan

A story of a…hmmm…that’s giving too much away.  I’ll just say this is a neat little comic with humorous, surprising little twists.  Well rendered and well told, also!

A Cornelia Story by Kel Crum

I’m a bit disappointed…that Kel only did two pages for the SPACE Anthology!  His Cornelia character is kinda a strange girl who always seems to get in trouble.  Sometimes her fault, sometimes not.  Be sure to check out his website for lots more laughs!

Nocturnal Contemplations by Kris Lachowski

Ah, the things people say in bed!  This story sums it all up nicely in two pages!  In a blue hue, but I’m not sure why!

Oddly Matched Even by Mike Carroll

Mike Carroll has literally created a bazillion stick figure characters and he uses about 100 of them in this little story!  Okay, slight hyperbole there.  But Mike always entertains and Oddly Matched is a funny story that should make anyone smile!  (When you’re feeling down, reading some of Mike’s stuff is sure to pick you up!)

The Possum in I'll Take Door Number Four, Bob by Blair Kitchen

Blair Kitchen’s art reminds me of a Mad Magazine humorous style.  His Possum character is a nerdy kid who cannot be killed due a zombifying tic tac.  Really!  Go to his website and read some Possum!  It’s really good stuff!

Tales of the Night Watchman - The Long Fall by Dave Kelly & Lara Antal

The one thing I don’t like about Kelly & Antal’s strip is that the “cover art” is much different from the art in the story.  But this little tale about a zombie-fighting mystery man called the Night Watchmen is well told. The interplay between the two leads is very good.  The philosophical narration I liked less, but it does set a tone.

Nothin' but a Hound… Something by Joseph Davidson

Max is an alien plant in the shape of a man traveling with a man called “Old Max” and a dog with no name.  This tale is of their encounter with a broken down bus.  It reminds me of some of the little tales in Paul Chadwick’s Concrete series.  Great character interaction!!  Perhaps my favorite story in the book!

Occupied by Ray Tomczak

I laughed.  I think you will too.

Fibula by Maryanne Rose Papke

A story about a soap bubble.  Proof you can take any topic and turn it into an entertaining comic!  But that might be over analyzing things…

And that’s it for the SPACE Anthology!  Next weekend I’ll be at the SPACE convention (table 130) and I’ll post a report as soon as I can!  (I also have to review the latest episode of Out With Dad soon….)

Here’s some links for the artists mentioned above:

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