Sunday, April 29, 2012

Reviews: Blink:WWK, Night Watchman, Homegrown Alien

This post begins my series of reviews of comics I picked up (bought or traded for) at the SPACE con in Columbus last weekend.  There will be more to come in later weeks.

Wonka Wonka Kochalka by Max Ink

 Wonka Wonka Kochalka is a tale in Max Ink’s “Blink” series.  Specifically it is part of a multi-chapter saga titled “So it Goes”. Blink is the name of one of the characters.  It’s a nickname.  (Her real name is Merle, hence the use of the nickname.)  Anyway, the series is about three twenty-something friends and their lives and conversations in Columbus.  It’s a very sweet, thoughtful series.  There’s no strangeness such as zombies or mutants or anything that’s usually associated with comic books.  It’s just a story about some people’s lives.  It’s a very well told and excellently crafted series.  Truth is, I absolutely love Max’s ink work.  His drawings are amazing!  He does amazingly detailed backgrounds and excellent character expressions.  My goal in doing these reviews of small press comics is not to compare them to each other, but I will say out of everyone at SPACE, I think Max and Blink are most deserving of some real attention in the comics fan world.  This is great stuff!  And I should add, Max now ties with Jason Leaver (writer/director of the webseries Out With Dad) for the best use of the word “awesomesauce” in a dramatic work.

This particular story tells of Blink and her friend Sam going to see their other friend Hank play guitar and sing at a small venue.  There they meet a few of Hanks friends, who are a rather geeky bunch.  Sam is rather antagonistic towards the other, perhaps seeing Hank as a force that may interfere with Blink and her friendship.  No real resolution in this tale, but a nice ending nevertheless.  Find out more about Blink and Max’s art at his website.

Tales of the Night Watchman Vol1 No 1, “The Long Fall” by Dave Kelly and Lara Antal.

This comic proves that there are still fresh ideas in the “super-powers” genre.  The Night Watchman is a time displaced zombie-fighter who also works at a coffee shop with his roommate (but not romantic partner—at least not yet!) Nora.  Nora can get a little annoyed when she’s left fending for herself while Charlie (the Watchman’s real name) is off doing his heroic duty.  This issue sets up some future storylines, including a look into Charlie’s dreams and past, introducing a boy thief and the mystery of a murdered woman.  I like the plots and the characters.  The art is a bit cartoony but clear, except for some perspective issues—which is something every artist should think about working on!  Dave and Lara have a website here where you can find out more about the Night Watchman!

Homegrown Alien Minicomic by Joe Davidson.

This is the story of a plant and his friend.  Specifically, Little Max was an alien seed that took human form after being found by Old Max, a drifter.  The two travel about the country finding adventures on Joe’s website.  The minicomic I got at SPACE was a free introduction to Homegrown Alien and a very nice tale about a monster hunter looking for a lost Yeti.  Joe’s art is nice and clean with a style I like very much, and his writing is great!  I’ve enjoyed all the Homegrown Alien stories I’ve read so far, and I have a lot to go through on his website!

And that’s it for reviews this week!  I don’t know what exactly I’ll have up next time, so just keep checking back, okay?

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