Sunday, November 25, 2012

Comic Strip: Out With Dad

Today’s cartoon is an idea I’ve had on my head for a while.  It is, in a way, my review of the first episode of the webseries Out With Dad.  This is to say it reflects my interpretation of the events therein. You might not understand the cartoon if you haven’t seen the episode in question, so you should go here and watch it.  It isn’t very long.  I’ve thought of writing reviews to all the episodes from season one, but I figure I’ll never get to it, and it is usually easier for me to draw something than figure out what to write. So here it is:

As a disclaimer, I want to mention that this work is totally fan art and I am in no way attempting to steal the work of Jason Leaver, whom I give total credit to for his creation which inspired the above.  All rights and whatnot belong to him and I’m not trying to make money off of his creations or anything like that.  I would like to suggest that visitors here donate some money to the production of Out With Dad, since the show relies on donations to cover the costs of production.

I’m glad I finally got around to drawing this strip and getting it out of my system.  I needed to do this one before I could draw the next one…

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