Sunday, November 18, 2012

Food: Donuts

Both the looming Thanksgiving holiday and the recent (and I think temporary) demise of Hostess have me thinking about food lately.  Therefore, I now present my first blog entry about food. Specifically, I shall now discuss donuts!  (Some of you may think that they should be called doughnuts.  However, we Americans try to eliminate every letter we possibly can.  I see stuff written by people in England and Canada that includes all kinds of extra “u”s.  We don’t use extra “u”s here!  In fact, we wold eliminate all such letters if we cold I’m sre. )

Donuts are one of the most wonderful culinary creations in the universe.  Part of this is the sheer variety available.  If you can’t find at least one type of donut you absolutely love, you just aren’t trying very hard!  In fact, there are so many types of donuts that I don’t even have a favorite donut.  There are a few I’m not too fond of, like crullers and anything with chocolate frosting (but not chocolate cake covered with glaze…I like those!) , but I don’t have one that is the absolute best to my mind.  I can, however, name my favorite donuts within certain donut types.

Let’s take the fancy donuts first, for example.  These would be the crème filled, jelly filled, and cake (blueberry is especially a favorite of mine) donuts.  I don’t think anyone makes these types of donuts better than Dunkin Donuts.  The Dunkin Donuts chain has a large variety of such donuts.  They tend to be more expensive than most places, but they are very tasty. These are also very loaded with good stuff that fills you up fast, so I think you get your money’s worth.

Glazed donuts are a different matter, however.  Glazed donuts are best when they are light, fluffy, and warm.  Therefore, I have to give the win in this category to Krispy Kreme.  Krispy Kremes are probably the only donuts that I like better plain than filled.  They are very sweet since they are absolutely drenched in sugar, but it just enhances the flavor!  But be warned: The boxed Krispy Kremes aren’t nearly as good as the fresh version.

Powdered donuts are completely different than the above types.  The strange thing about these donuts is that they are best when they are not fresh from the bakery.  My favorite powdered donuts are the little mini powdered donuts that come in bags, including those by Hostess.  These things are just so sweet and tasty, and being bite sized they are easy to eat despite being rather messy.  In fact, it can be rather hard to stop eating them!  It always seems like just one more wouldn’t hurt…and then one more after that…

Well, that’s a good beginning to a discussion about donuts.  Someday I’ll write a longer and more serious essay.  It’s just too important a topic to go without some serious study!  I wish everyone some good eating tomorrow!  I suggest having a donut or two. I’ll close with this word of advice:  Donuts—they aren’t just for breakfast anymore!!

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