Sunday, December 2, 2012

Seasonal statues (and other stuff)

Today I’ll chat here about of few things at seeming random.  First, I thought I’d post some pictures of some statues I did recently because I’m doing a local holiday-themed show this week.  I guess it also proves I can do “mundane” as well as “geeky” statuary.   By the show, the show is Thursday Dec. 6th at the Sandusky State Theater from 5-8:30, and admission cost is two cans of donated food.  I’m looking forward to it!

Speaking of shows, I thought I’d say a little about the best way to know where and when I’ll be in the future.  I tend to say something about my shows here on this site, so it’s a good idea to check back here regularly for such info as well as my thoughts about comics and pop culture.  In fact, you can “follow” this blog if you have an appropriate account.  I have a couple followers now (Thanks guys!) and certainly don’t mind more.  For even more up-to-date information on when I’m posting and what I’m doing you can friend me on my Facebook page. (There a link on this page.)  My Facebook feed or timeline or whatever they’re calling it now is 90% my art-related stuff, so I’m more than willing to friend anyone who’s interested.  Also, Facebook is a good way to comment and have conversations with me and other geeky types.  And don’t afraid to comment on my blog posts, either, I appreciate every comment I get!

Finally, thanks to everyone for reading and looking at my stuff here!  I’m closing in on 11,000 views total, from people all over the world, and that’s just shows how amazing our modern world is with all this technology that allows us to touch each other in some way all over this globe of ours!  Thanks to those who share my blog with others and especially thanks for reading my stuff* and to those who have purchased my work!!  As an artist, I am thrilled anytime I find someone who wants to own something I’ve created!

*Such as my Mutant Elf webcomic, still going strong every week!  Click here for the latest!!

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