Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran’s Day, and I’ve decided to make the holiday the subject of my blog this evening.  I suppose there are a lot of people saying a lot of things about the purpose of the holiday, and I’m not trying to outdo anyone.  I’m just going to relate my experience.

I joined the United States Navy out of High School and spent two years on active duty, mostly onboard the USS Mobile.  Today my thoughts have been dwelling on the people I served with.  I served in the Navy with a very diverse group of guys.  The military takes people from all over the USA and beyond and puts them together into rather effective groups.  That’s pretty amazing, I think.  We didn’t all look alike or have the same philosophies or interests.  Yet we managed to do a pretty good job at our job!  There were guys who were born outside the US and had come to make our country their own.  There was even a friend of mine who became a US citizen while he was serving in the Navy.  I think that’s rather cool.

USS Mobile LKA 115
I’ve discovered that as a veteran I have the ability to talk to any other veteran I’ve met about our service. There is some special kind of bond.  Whatever branch and whatever time frame we served, there always seems to be something linking us.

I benefited a lot from my service.  It was a positive experience that got me the money I needed for college, and I recommend young people consider military service for all the benefits it can bring

However, there are a lot of vets who bear some horrible scars left by their service.  These vets weren’t as lucky as me to serve in peaceful times.  These vets deserve our unyielding support.  And, especially our thanks.

So thank a veteran.  Not just today, but every day!
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

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