Saturday, May 24, 2014

Reviews: "Catching up with Dad" and "Going Out"

I am finally getting around to writing my thoughts about the second block of episodes of the third season of Out With Dad. I have been thinking a lot about these episodes, as I always think a lot about Out With Dad because the series, in general, makes me think.  It’s just that type of show. I also thought about how to post my little reviews of these episodes, and I decided I would try to review the Rose episodes first, and save Vanessa’s story for later.

Rose’s story continues with episode 3.08, “Catching up with Dad”.  Rose and Nathan play catch while talking.  The first thing they talk about is not talking about Rose being gay.  While I can sympathize with Rose, discussions about other things aren’t going to advance the story, so they do end up talking about Rose and Claire and that they’ve been outed as a couple. Rose is able to claim that is isn’t a big deal, so they talk about Angela.  Okay, this is a moment I’ve been waiting for!  And the moment does not disappoint.  The discussion about Nathan and dating in the past answers some questions and, because he admits things are becoming serious, advances the story.  By the way, the setting at the park and having Nathan and rose playing catch works great, making for some cute moments during their conversation.  I also noticed Rose had her hair in a ponytail.  Until I drew the comic adaptation, I never noticed that she sometimes has her up.  It might be easier to draw than her normal hairdo.

Finally they reach home and encounter Mr. Lemay, who tells them about Vanessa being missing.  I’ll discuss the LeMays when I write about Vanessa’s story.  Rose and Nathan’s reactions are understandable and expected.

“Going Out” begins with a serious conversation between Rose and Kenny about Vanessa’s disappearance.  It’s interesting to see Kenny serious in this scene and his question to Rose: “Do you love her?” was very profound.  That is, if Kenny meant it to be vague.  If he didn’t, who was Kenny talking about: Claire or Vanessa?  I would think Vanessa, because Kenny is her friend and knows her well, though he shouldn’t forget how Rose and Claire connected at the museum. Kenny does show that his true strength as a good friend is his caring, not his goofiness.

The scene shifts to a conversation with an upset Rose and Nathan about not knowing Vanessa’s fate and the need to go on and worry less about things they cannot change.  This scene transitions between the more serious beginning and the lighter scenes that follow.  And it’s a great display of character interaction and acting.

Nathan’s difficulty asking Angela out lets us all laugh at Out With Dad again.  One of the great aspects of this show is the ability to tackle serious situations without getting too serious all the time.  Jason lets us all breathe a little and have some fun. In my case Nathan’s predicament reminds me of times I've gone through the same sort of thing.  Except I never tried to ask anyone out via e-mail.  Because I’m old.

The scene with Nathan getting ready is another situation that reinforces that this show is really about the relationship between a Father and Daughter more than anything else. The repeat of the “really nice” line works great, and Nathan’s reaction to Rose telling him not to stay out too late because it’s a “school night” is priceless!

The final scene with Rose and Claire has some good information about Claire’s family life.  It seems her family will not go the direction of the LeMays, and Claire is very “bubbly Claire” about this development. She’s also very “Claire” putting on the shirt in the middle of the street, and her talking-not-thinking statement about her love for Rose.

And then…

The horror….

Rose sees her dad, on his date, and KISSING Angela!!!!

To be continued!!

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