Monday, May 5, 2014

Review: Sam the Dragon

I recently caught up on my reading of the webcomic Sam the Dragon and it’s about time I wrote a review!  Sam the Dragon can be viewed here, and is written and drawn by Steven Reardon.  New installments are posted regularly thrice weekly.

The main character is, of course, a dragon named Sam.  Sam lives with a unicorn named Corny and a fairy named Mrs. Flutterby. The fantasy characters live in our world, and have rather normal problems, which get complicated and solved in extraordinary ways.  Sam is mostly a really nice guy, while Corny is the troublemaker.  However, they are great friends and it’s a challenge for Mrs. Flutterby to keep things from getting out of hand.

Steven has a great cartoony style for the strip, and the art and colors are very clear which helps the storytelling flow smoothly.  The characters have very different personalities, and even without seeing them you can tell them apart from their speech patterns.  I like Sam the best, as it’s always nice to see a good dragon, and he has sweetness without being dull.  Corny tends to contrast Sam’s attitude, being more selfish and hard-core, which works nicely.  Other characters, such as Sam’s goldfish Zen are nice, and starting to get developed.

Sam the Dragon is a nice, light comic that’s easy to read and everyone should give it a quick look.  I think it will make you smile!

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