Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Pretty in Geek season 1

I’ve decided this week to comment on the first season of the webseries Pretty in Geek, all of which is available for viewing on their website.  I found the first season an excellent critique of the social and political ramifications of role-playing in an advanced western society.  Okay, not really!!  It was, instead, a very fun and funny story about a group of women playing Dungeons and Dragons and the token male in their group.  In no particular order I’ll mention some season 1 highlights:

Best line: The stages of grief

Best role-playing event: The Bard’s singing spell

Most sympathetic character: Dani, the DM.  She has a dream and a lot of roadblocks in her way to achieving that dream

Most dramatic transformation: Stacey’s fade to black was more jarring than a polymorph.  (Knitting is relaxing.  Black is a color.)

Who I’d like to see more of: Anna the pyromaniac, I mean fire, Mage. But I’m also scared of her!

Moral of the Story: drinking and role-playing DO NOT mix!

And when you cheat while role-playing, you only cheat yourself.  And the DM.  And everyone else, really…

Okay, that’s a good random sampling.  Go watch the series!  It’s fun!  It also inspired me to draw this cartoony sketch of the characters:

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