Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Mr. Morris

This week I am going to attempt to write a short review of a really neat webcomic called Mr. Morris.  I don’t want to spoil all the laughs from the series, so I’ll try not to write too many details about the comic, while letting you get the idea of why I like it.

Mr. Morris is a comic about a teacher.  It covers such interesting content as being a new teacher on staff, getting to know your students, and basic teacher survival.  I know a bit about these things because, like Mr. Morris I am a teacher.  (It says so in my biography found on this page, so you know it’s true!) Mr. Morris creator Rick Brooks (Also a teacher, which I know by checking his profile) hits these topics in a way that has me laughing while muttering “I have so been there!”  There are currently 16 strips up on webcomicsnation, so go check them out!

People have asked me if I incorporate my teaching experiences in my comics, but my typical answer is that I don’t do “gag strips”, so it isn’t really an issue.  Well, I’ve done a very limited number of gag strips, anyway.  I do have a school-related story developing in my current Mutant Elf webcomic, though, and it’s bound to relate somewhat to my teaching experience.

Thus ends another week of commentary from this teacher!

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