Monday, December 31, 2012

Another Year Over...

As the calendar changes I guess it’s time to take the obligatory look back at 2012 while I greatly anticipate the coming 2013, which I think will be a wonderful year!

I’d like to start by discussing this blog, since that’s the current topic in my mind.  I’ve really enjoyed writing my blog and keeping myself to an at-least-weekly schedule has been helpful in making sure I keep my brain working, as I am always anticipating what will be the next week’s topic.  Granted, I cheat a bit by posting almost-entirely artwork posts at times, but I did start this thing as a place to show my work to the general public, and it seems like people are looking at my stuff according to the blog stats.

Speaking of the blog stats, I am nearing 11,200 views as I type this, my 82nd blog post.  My most viewed post is my review of the Avenger Movie (and comic), which I figure is due to the huge success of the movie.  My next most viewed posts are my review of “Out With PFLAG” and my comments on the Out With Dad character Vanessa.  Then we come to my post of my Avengers statues.  The stats also track search keywords which people use to find my site.  The three most used search keywords all involve the Avengers.  The fourth is “Lindsey Middleton”.  Lindsey is, in case you haven’t read all my posts, the actor who plays Vanessa on Out With Dad.

And that leads in to my quick pop culture review of 2012.  My favorite:

Movie: The Avengers.  They could have done a poor job and made millions on this film.  Instead they produced a great show!  I’m really looking forward to the sequel, including all the crossover movies to come!

Book: The Hunger Games trilogy.  When something is very popular, I’m a bit skeptical if I’ll like it as much as others, but this series blew me away!  The movie isn’t bad, but I recommend everyone read the books!

Television: Psych is the only TV drama series I am currently following regularly.  Excellent writing and acting!  All television should be this good.

Comic: Resident Alien from Dark Horse Comics, which just started a second storyline in the pages of dark Horse Presents.  Resident Alien is interesting and exciting plus it has the best writer/artist team I’ve seen in quite a while.  The words and pictures blend perfectly!

Webseries: Out With Dad, of course!  Which is totally, totally different in tone and content from any of the above.  Which shows you just how well it is done!  It makes me think, and it inspires me creatively.

Well, that does it for this year!  How about I sign off with some pics of sketches I’ve done recently. See you in about a week!

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