Sunday, October 7, 2012

Role-Playing: Pretty in Geek

Today’s drawing is a sketch I did based on the webseries Pretty in Geek.  I was thinking about role-playing games and how the player takes the role of a character.  This led my thoughts to the characters on Pretty in Geek and how they might see themselves in their in-game personas.  The image that stuck out to me the most was of Stacey singing as her Bard, and how she might picture her character doing so.  Technically, I don’t think the image scanned very well, and I’m thinking of doing ink and/or color to further separate the two characters from each other.

 Since I’m on the topic of role-playing I think I’ll add some comments about why the genre appeals to me so much even after all these years.  Role-playing games allow a player to experience a story as a participant.  It’s akin to reading a great novel or watching a great movie, but you are part of the action, making the decisions of your protagonist.  And you don’t have to play a character that anything like you are in real life.  After all, I’ve never been a Half-Elf, much less a Druid, and I had a blast playing as one.  Finally, being the game referee is as much fun as playing.  The players are playing within your story, and you are playing the roles of everyone who appears other than the characters.  Role-playing games are the more sophisticated continuation of the adventures children act out together as soon as they are able to communicate.  What could be more fun?  I role-play online now, so if you’re interested in a game, contact me and maybe we can get something going!

My Mutant Elf webcomic is very inspired by the gaming I’ve done in my life.  I’d appreciate it of you’d check it out, and share it with your friends.

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