Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ogre & Stacey in ink

This week I wanted to show a drawing as it progressed from pencil work to finished ink.  Perhaps I’ll color it at a later time.  This Ogre is an idea for a character for the third Mutant Elf storyline, which should start sometime next year!


Speaking of inking, I worked some ink into the Pretty in Geek sketch of Stacey I posted last week. I like the ink separating Stacey’s “real self” from her “imagined self”. I also was thinking that, given Stacey’s limited cranial capacity, this sketch might be better said to reflect how the other players see her than how she sees herself.  Things are probably much more cartoony in Stacey’s mind…hmmm…perhaps there’s another idea for a drawing…

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