Monday, October 22, 2012

Likenesses and Zombies, part II

I have this little mission to teach people to draw Out With Dad fan art, and this is my first idea to reach that goal.’s my only idea, really.  I thought to this because when I first started doodling Out With Dad characters I realized that Will Conlon (Nathan aka Dad) was very easy to draw because anything with a beard looks like him.  Or at least I think so (see pic of him below).  I’d love to see some other fans give it a shot!
Will Conlon

And of course, zombies.  It’s almost Halloween, so there must be zombies!! Everyone loves zombies!  And everyone loves bacon!  Therefore.... 

Some notes:  I did these two drawings with no intent of posting them here together.  I was thinking about which to post here first.  Then I remembered this post from last year, and I realized I had inadvertently created the sequel!!  Therefore the above title.
Braaaaiinnns!!!!  Oiiiiiinnnkk!!!

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