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I recently finished my part in a crossover between one of my characters and another creator’s character (I’m keeping the details secret for now.) and it got me thinking about how the stories I’ve done in the past connect, or sometimes don’t.  For example, if you’ve read any of my strips in OH, Comics or the SPACE anthology, you might wonder if they connect at all to the F.E.D.s.  So here’s the deal!

I’m currently working on issue 17 of the F.E.D.s mini-comic.  Some of the characters in the F.E.D.s have appeared in other comics that I’ve done for publishing in other formats.

My webcomic, Mutant Elf, stands totally on its own.  This is the first comic project I’ve done, other than some short joke strips, that does not connect in any way to the F.E.D.s and my other super-powered-people comics.

My 2012 SPACE anthology strip was the Mutant Elf introduction.  In the previous two volumes, I did a story of the group the “Fearless Force” and a story of the hero the “First Lady”.  These stories are firmly set in the F.E.D.s universe, however, they have no specific time frame in comparison to the events in the F.E.D.s. Though there is one pretty big crossover character between the Fearless Force and the F.E.D.s, but it’s a secret I haven’t revealed and I don’t think there’s any obvious hints as to who it is.

I started contributing to OH, Comics with issue 10, the “Luck” issue.  The story in that issue (written by my brother), about a lucky fan at the World Series, does not connect to the F.E.D.s.  Issue #11 is the Science Fiction issue.  My brother wrote a plot about sentient rocks, and I finished it with scripting and art.  This does not connect to the F.E.D.s.  It does, however, mention a story called “Trip into Space” which is a Sci-Fi series my brother and I thought about doing at the time.  And it’s an idea I revisit mentally from time to time, also.

Issue #12 of OH, Comics includes the tale of Lizard Man’s origin, with an appearance by Arcurius.  This is in-continuity with the F.E.D.s.  It also includes a demon that is also found in Lizard Man Special #1, a mini-comic I put together.  Allow me to digress at this time.  “Lizard Man vs the Car Salesman” was a story my brother wrote and I drew for an anthology title called “Lyceum”.  It was to have appeared in the 3rd issue of Lyceum, but that issues never materialized.  Therefore, the story (which is too long to run in OH, Comics) is only available directly through me.

OH, Comics #13, 14 , and 15 all include super-hero tales of Lizard Man and Arcurius, and include such F.E.D.s characters as Oceanus and the first appearances of Bloodbeast, Shockhard, and Force of Mind!

I then wrote and drew a story of a group called the “Next Wing” for OH, Comics #16, but the issue was delayed a few years, so I published it as a mini comic.  Next Wing #1 is only available from me, and does not include any F.E.D.s characters although it does sit in the same world.

When OH, Comics #16 finally was published I did a new story, this time about the Fearless Force.  As I said above, they definitely exists with the F.E.D.s.

OH, Comics 17 and 18 are special cases.  They are comics about F.E.D.s characters done in a “younger readers” style.  They are the types of comics you would find if you were in the world of the F.E.D.s.  They include some jokes and references you should only get if you read some of the F.E.D.s stuff, also.

OH, Comics 19, with Oceanus and Furie, and 20, with the First Lady and She-Eagle, connect to the F.E.D.s.

Hope that all makes sense, if you are interested.  If you’ve never read any of the above, I recommend my newer stuff.  But then again, most people like to read the F.E.D.s starting at issue #1.

The F.E.D.s, Lizard Man Special, and Next Wing are available by e-mailing me

OH, Comics is available through me or through Bob Corby at

The SPACE anthology is available as a download at Bob’s site above. The 2012 SPACE Anthology is also available in softcover from me or Bob.

Mutant Elf is, of course, free on the web:


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