Thursday, August 30, 2012

One year old!

This blog is now officially one year old!
I started with a dream and this post.

I wanted a place where I could post some art of mine and talk some about the events I've been going to and maybe comment some about stuff I like!  I've managed 63 posts of some nature (that's more than one a week!) and gotten some very nice feedback.  Also, I like looking at the site stats and seeing all the views from all over the world!  We live in an amazingly connected world today. According to said stats, my blog has been viewed more than 9,400 times! I guess I'm closing in on a "milestone"!

My stats page also tells me most people come to this page from Facebook, most viewers are Americans, my most viewed post is my review of Out With PFLAG, part 1, and the second most viewed is my review of the Avengers movie!

I'll close by saying I'm happy with my blog here and I intend to keep posting!  In fact, I have an idea for something in a day or two...

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  1. Congrats, Steven. I've also been following Mutant Elf regularly and it's been an enjoyable strip.