Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Phantom Girl and Mutant Elf

I’ve just had the Legion of Super-Heroes on my mind almost constantly since my LOSH post a couple weeks ago, so I had to do some sketching to ease my mind a bit.  Phantom Girl is my current favorite Legion member, so I drew her.  You may be remembering my mention of Wildfire being my favorite Legionnaire, but he’s not currently with the team.  (He’s appearing in the Legion Lost series monthly, however!  Great book!)  Tinya Wazzo is from a world in another dimension and she has a rather scientific mind and a bubbly personality.  Her super power is the ability to turn herself intangible, so matter passes through her body.  It’s not a great offensive power, but it does make her tough to defeat.  Tinya does have a romantic relationship with the incredibly powerful Ultra Boy, so she usually has great offensive force nearby!

While I’m typing, I wanted to take this opportunity to announce the Mutant Elf comic. Not the webcomic (found here), but a print copy of the first webcomic storyline.  I am putting it together to premiere at Detroit Fanfare next month.  It will be a mini-comic printed in color containing 8 story pages and other art.  Copies I don’t sell at the convention will be available for mail order.  I think it’s a nice way to own a little Mutant Elf!

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