Sunday, August 26, 2012

Bio: The F.E.D.s

The Federation of Extra-normal Defenders, commonly referred to by the acronym F.E.D.s, is a loose organization of extra-normal heroes formed in the mid-1980s when 1st Man and Oceanus, who normally work as a duo, teamed up with a third hero, Lizard Man.  Afterwards, the trio decided to keep in touch with one another in case the need arose that they would be needed as a group.  As time passed the addition of other heroes increased the ranks of the F.E.D.s. Various sub-groups within the team operated together as they were needed.  The largest group assembled was in 1988 and involved all 6 of the heroes that had ever been members of the group.  In the early 1990s individual issues dissolved the group.  Note that there never was an official beginning or ending date for the F.E.D.s.  The only former member of the F.E.D.s known to be active as of 2002 is Lizard Man.  The heroes who have served as members of the F.E.D.s are listed below

1st Man- powers: can morph and stretch his body, gaining heightened strength as he does so.  Current whereabouts: 1st Man disappeared on a mission in 1993.

Oceanus- powers: the ability to breathe and operate under water and out of water, super human strength. Current whereabouts: Oceanus disappeared on a mission in 1993

Archeress- powers: expert martial artist specializing in archery. Current whereabouts: retired from  adventuring to Japan to run the family business

Electrica- powers: electrical generation and discharge Current whereabouts: deceased

Lizard Man- powers: the lower half of his body is reptilian, and he has a reptilian tail, both of which have super-human strength. Current whereabouts: Active in Atlanta

Rik Tomas- powers: Rik is an inventor who created many weapons and devices he used to fight crime. Current whereabouts: retired after losing a leg in battle

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