Monday, March 12, 2012

New look, Straw Man & Sketches

First thing today is the new look for my blog.  I thought I’d try it out and see if I like it.  The first thing about the new look I’d like to point out is the buttons beneath the posts.  These buttons allow viewers of my blog to give immediate feedback and sharing.  The +1 button gives a plus to the post’s counter and adds the profile picture and name of the person who clicks the button will appear.  The other buttons allow sharing on Twitter and Facebook.

The other neat feature is in the upper left corner.  By mousing over the leftmost portion of the black bar (where it says “classic”) you can choose the way you want to view my blog.  My favorite is “flipcard” which shows threads with pictures and titles.  Try it!

Next I thought I’d mention Straw Man issue 10.  Straw Man is an independent comic written and drawn by David Branstetter.  It’s about a super hero with no super powers.  It’s hard to describe but it’s really fun.  Straw Man issue 10 includes the work of 9 other independent artists.  To publish Straw Man #10, David has started a kickstarter campaign to raise funds.  You can check out this campaign here and you can find out more about Straw Man here.
 Next, I wanted to post some sketching I did recently. Sometimes I think it’s nice to compare pencil work to inked work.  So here’s a Mutant Elf drawing I recently did in pencil:

 And here it is inked:

 Maybe I’ll color it someday!

 Finally this week, I noticed when reconfiguring my blog that my post from last week (this one) has over 200 views!  That’s record for this blog, and that’s in the first week! Thanks to everyone for reading my modest words and opinions.

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