Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Review: Woodstalk

Woodstalk is a comic series I picked up at the Genghis Con.  It’s a great idea and one of those comics I wish I had thought of! As the title implies, it tells the forgotten story of the zombie outbreak at the most famous music festival ever, Woodstock.  Writer and pencil artist Bruce Worden intends to cover the entire festival, having each issue cover the time during the performance of each act at Woodstock.   But the real stars aren’t the actual performers that played those days, but rather…the Zombies!

No, I don’t mean zombies.  I mean The Zombies, the British rock group that in reality split up right before Woodstock began.  If you don’t know who the Zombies are, you need to go learn some music history.  I’ve been a fan since I was in High School and first heard “Time of the Season”.  Along with “She’s not There” you have two of the most amazing sounding songs of the era.  The rest of the Zombies’ catalogue is also quite good.

Anyway, back to the comic.  The Zombies show up hoping to get  some time on stage at Woodstock, even though they aren’t invited, which is funny to begin with.  However, they soon find themselves surrounded by young people mindlessly staring off into space.  And then they encounter some zombies!  (Basically the same thing except flesh-eating.) The zombies have to fend off the zombies, trying to stay alive while trying to get on stage.  They have some knowledge in the area of mysticism, which they put to good use against the undead hordes.  All while no one else notices.

I’ve finished the first 3 issues of Woodstalk, and I await more.  The first issues each feature a different inker, but the art is solid in each. And the story is well told, clear and fun!

Despite my love of 60’s music, I’m not familiar with a lot of the acts at Woodstock (too folksy for my taste I guess) but it’s great to see a young creator with appreciation for older music. And I lok forward to seeing CCR, though I know that's not coming soon...

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