Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Review: Out With Dad 3.20 "Getting it Out"

It’s about time I got back to writing my reviews of the last episodes of season 3 of Out With Dad.  Getting it Out begins with Nathan talking to Johnny, at first about Rose’s predicament at school, but most importantly about the upcoming barbeque and Angela being invited.  Nathan is worried about Angela’s presence because of “how he gets” during the event.  Johnny ends up volunteering to talk to Angela about Sarah (Nathan’s deceased wife).

Back at school, Rose meets with her principal, intent on revealing everything about the bullying she’s been experiencing since she was “outed”. Mr. Gladstone is very understanding, and emphasizes that Rose’s safety is more important than other students’ (or their parents’) religious beliefs, even in a Catholic school.  Then comes the twist, when Mr. Gladstone comes out to Rose.  He even admits he could lose his job if word got out.  This is rather sad, because it indicates that he is not able to be himself and work for the Catholic school.  It is all too familiar, as where I live a teacher was recently fired after announcing his wedding plans to another man.  Mr. Gladstone’s has a willingness to hide his true self in order to work in his position, but I don’t think I could work for an institution that had such a bigoted policy.

The story continues with Claire asking Kenny about a gift for Rose’s birthday, and him explaining not to get one because it’s weird.  Rose shows up, confirms the “no gift” rule, and holds Claire’s hand while telling her about the conference with Mr. Gladstone.

The next scene has Johnny talking to Angela about how Sarah died.  It’s incredibly sad.  It does explain the special relationship between Rose and Johnny, which was a very nice touch and not something I had thought about before. So I think it was a great idea to include this scene.  Besides, it’s always nice to see more of Angela!

And then the episode ends with one of the funniest scenes of the series, as Nathan agrees to come out to his parents as a father of a gay teen.  It’s one of the most naturally acted scenes, too!  It’s just incredibly cute!  Well, this episode seemed to have it all….but the best is yet to come!!

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