Monday, January 27, 2014

Review: Out With Dad 3.04 "The Swashbuckling Adventures of Making Out"

This week I am going to continue my in-depth look at the third season of my favorite webseries, Out With Dad.  When last we left Rose and Claire, they were going out after deciding that they weren’t happy with their dads.  “The Swashbuckling Adventures of Making Out” continues the story as Rose and Claire decide to go to a movie.  First we get a nice little cameo of David, one of the people who shared at last season’s PFLAG meeting, as our couple buy two tickets to “Pete Winning and the Pirates”.  I’ll stop here to point out that “Pete Winning” is another Toronto-area webseries that Out With Dad director Jason leaver has worked on.  “Pete” is a futuristic laser-blasting pirate action-adventure. (I don’t really know how to describe it…you’ll have to watch it yourself!)

Anyway, the girls have a quick discussion about how Rose’s relationship with her dad isn’t perfect, but she doesn’t hate him.  And also that a movie is a great escape from reality. Then they get in the theatre and eat a little popcorn.  Which has me wanting to scream “Why aren’t you eating the popcorn?!”  I would never let movie popcorn got to waste!  Maybe it’s a guy thing.  But that stuff costs something like $20 a bag!  Which is probably $90 Canadian!!  I’d definitely eat the popcorn.  And now I have everybody who’s seen the episode saying “You really care about the popcorn?  When the really important part is about to begin?” Okay, okay.  Rose and Claire watch a little bit of the movie.  And pay a lot of attention to each other.  And kiss a lot.  And…are noticed by someone else in the theater. Which will become important in later episodes!

Rose goes home and has tea with her dad and they discuss teen sex and skydiving. I think I covered that topic well when I discussed the last episode.  (No, I don’t mean skydiving.) Besides, the really good stuff is yet to come, and I should save some thoughts for them.  After all, the season just keeps getting better!

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