Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Review: 2013

Well, it’s time to do a recap of all the goodness of the last year.  2013 was a very nice year for me artistically, and I sure hope the best is yet to come!  I participated in the local Art Walk, which was nice fun though not exactly huge profit.  The big shows I did included the SPACE (small press show), Motor City Con, and Detroit Fanfare.  SPACE is the smallest, but I like the venue and the people who attend, because they are specifically looking for non-mainstream comics and material.  Motor City was the biggest, and is just awesome in scope, but Detroit Fanfare is nice because it isn’t as big.  I did well in sales and purchases at all 3 of the conventions.  It’s great to have people seek me out after buying something a previous year, and buy something more!  Art is my hobby, but it is nice to know I can turn a little profit from my work as well as have great fun!

One of my favorite statues I made last year!
Some of my favorite comic purchases of 2013 include collections of Jack Kirby’s 70s Captain America run and the earliest tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes.  My favorite comics of the year include Captain Midnight and Resident Alien, plus the now cancelled X-Factor and Legion.  Currently I am really enjoying DC’s Crime Syndicate storyline also.  I enjoy reading webcomics such as Lady Spectra and Sparky and Mr. Morris.  No matter what the changes, some of which are really not to my liking, I continue to find comics somewhere, published by someone, that I really enjoy.

I did a collaboration with Kevin Carrier last year.
In other media I read Terry Brooks’ latest Shanara series and loved it, and Howard Kaylan’s autobiography was my favorite non-fiction book of the year.  I’m enjoying the new TV series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., and my continuing favorite TV show Psych.  I also really got into Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey this year, and am looking forward to seeing more of them in 2014.  I didn’t go to the theatre last year, but I did finish watching the Harry Potter movies (the last one was very well done) and the Batman trilogy (Dark Knight Rises was my favorite of the series).  And, of course, on the web Out With Dad continues to be the best thing ever!

Looking at my bloggy stats from last year, my review of “Starting Out”, the first episode of the 3rd Out With Dad season was my most viewed post, also in the top 5 are Out With Dad: The Lost Episode, Review: Rose’s Video Diary-Changing Relationships, my review of Howard Kaylan’s Autobiography, and my comments on the Lone Ranger and Shazam.

Mutant Elf continues in 2014!
So Out With Dad is a very popular subject!  While I’m thinking about it, I have finished the “Lost Episode” comic, but I don’t know when it will be available for public viewing.  I am currently working on comics for upcoming anthologies, then I have another collaboration to work on, and I plan to continue Mutant Elf on a weekly basis!  2014 looks to be a promising year!

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