Monday, May 6, 2013

Review: Blink: To go with this Door Knob: Rough cut edition

Blink: So It Goes 2- To go with this Door Knob, The Rough Cut Edition is the almost complete next chapter in the continuing saga of Blink.  Blink creator Max Ink puts together a wonderful tale and I think I loved it more because it is an opportunity to see a work in progress.  As an artist, seeing how someone else works is always interesting, and Max’s work with pen and brush is amazing.  But I get ahead of myself.  The reason this is the “Rough Cut edition” is because Max wanted something new out at the SPACE con and he wasn’t quite finished with this book.  It does include all finished dialogue and the characters are all finished inked.  The backgrounds are not all finished however, but they aren’t so vague as to make it hard to tell what is going on.  So, if you’re interested in Blink (and you should be!) I wouldn’t wait for the final version if you get a chance to buy the Rough Cut Edition.

As to the story, it features Merle, also known as Blink, as she meets some new characters and converses with them about things including life, being homeless, and Blink’s friends Sam and Hank.  Long-time Blink readers may be a little disappointed to not see Sam and Hank during the story, but they are present in the plot even though they are not physically present.  I don’t know what else to say about the story, because I think you really have to read it yourself to understand it.  But I will give away my favorite line.  It’s a description of Blink and Sam’s relationship as “A joy to behold”.

Max’s art is great.  The backgrounds, based on real locations in Columbus, are meticulously rendered and really bring you into the story.  The characters’ expressions are right on, and the storytelling is great.  You can tell Max really loves this work and puts a lot of effort into its’ creation.  I’d even say the book is “A joy to behold”!

Check out Max’s work here!

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