Monday, April 8, 2013

Review: SPACE Anthology 2013 part 2

And here are my thoughts on the rest of the 2013 SPACE Anthology.

Cosmos by Seth by Christina Wald is a take on a reboot of the classic science series Cosmos.  I am a huge fan of Cosmos!  In Fact, I’m currently reading the companion book to the TV series.  Christina looks at the possible reboot apparently being done my Neil Degrasse Tyson and Seth MacFarland.  There are some interesting bits in this two-page strip.  And anything Cosmos gets a thumbs up from me!
Bamn Rob's Adventure by Troy-Jeffrey Allen & Jay Payne is a very well written story of a teenager selling a prized gaming card while wearing a Viking outfit.  I really like this story, and it didn’t grab me initially.  Well done!

End of the Rainbow by Michael Carroll tells the origin of Mike’s RAINBOW group of stick-figure misfits. This is as funny as Mr. Carroll usually is.  Boy, I think those rainbow guys would make neat clay statues…

One Scoop of Justice: Mystery of the Mailbox Monster! by Mark Mariano is a mystery about a stamp collector who is also a kidnapper.  This strip features plenty of outrageous characters and is great fun!

 Lament's Dawn by R.J. ParĂ© & Danny Kelly is a take on Middle-Earth type creatures on the American continent.  It has a very neat artistic style.

Tecumseh in the Ohio Territory by Lee Smith is a cartoon retelling of the history of the great chief Tecumseh.  This is a great comic for a classroom! 

Three Years by Chris Charlton & David Hollenbach is a sad tale with very painterly art about a survivor of the apocalypse.  It’s very moody and has a neat ending.
Mutant Elf in Shop 'til You Drop by Steve Myers is my strip.  I hope you like it!
Welcome to Fair at New Boston by Rachel Altvater Is the story of a packer.  You just have to read it to understand.
The Last Meow by Lorenzo Ross is about a guy working for a business that sells cat items.  The business isn’t very well run, which causes problems for the narrator.
Robbery at Key Foods Redhead by R Hendricks is about two people who meet during a robbery.
And that’s it!  All the neat comics in the SPACE Anthology 2013!  I hope you check them all out and if you like it maybe buy a print copy.  For more information about the creators check out the links listed in the SPACE Anthology or the creator list on the Back Porch Comics SPACE page.

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  1. "Fair at new boston" is missing a panel. the last page contains some important story points.