Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Review: SPACE Anthology 2013: part 1

I’ve been rather busy preparing stuff for the upcoming conventions I’ll be attending, so I haven’t posted anything new here in over a week.  However, that now changes with this review of the strips in this year’s SPACE Anthology.  The SPACE anthology is a collection of comics done by creators who will be attending this year’s SPACE convention in Columbus April 13-14.  The anthology is available for free from the SPACE website and also available in print at the con itself!

How'd He Do That by Matt Chic is a story about a group of costumed heroes who don’t have any powers, except perhaps those that involve urination.  The strip has neat, goofy art and is very easy to follow. It’s short but cute.

 Geography in a Glass by Kyle Smith & Sarah Morton is a history lesson about the manufacture of beer.  I’m not a drinker and I don’t usually read such history, but I’m not going to bash the strip because of my proclivities.  It’s rather interesting I’d say, and well done.  It isn’t a typical comic, but the best part of reading independent creators’ works is reading atypical strips.

Vugz by Bob Corby is a little tale about Bob’s alien character Vugz who encounters some gaming dice.  There’s a neat, and often too true story behind the dice.  This strip is an example of how much story can be fit into a few pages with very little dialogue

Second Chance by Jason Walz is the story of a guy named Doug.  It summarizes the humdrum life he has experienced and then provides a twist.  I really like the black and white art in this one.  It’s very clear and the character expressions are great.

The Secret Origin of Cap'n Catnip by Tim Fuller is a nice talking animal strip with very good color art.  The art reminds me of Disney comics, though the story is a bit more mature.  The Charles Atlas spoof is well done.

Thoughts of a Hitler Cat by Kel Crum is a one page strip about a cat that resembles Adolf Hitler.  Poor cat.  Kel’s stuff is always quirky and fun.

Death by Michael Eshelman & Doug Hufford is a humor strip about Death.  Simple but fun, and another strip with a fun twist!

Silent Call by Brian John Mitchell is, I think, photographs of paintings.  Or some neat program that duplicates such.  It’s about Cthuhlu.   I think.  It’s visually very interesting and kept me looking at it for minutes.

Roadside Attraction by ED is about a UFO.  I like the color technique here, it has an old-school look.  It’s about two guys who see a UFO.  With a twist!

 Crimes Against Creation by Shawn Padraic Murphy & Crystal Ash page is about a man who goes on cosmic trial for not doing anything with his life.  It’s a neat idea with lots of funny philosophy and theology.

The Inquiring Minds in One Day on Moonstone Mountain by John Steventon is about a group of Bigfoot hunters.  I like the cartoony art and the twist at the end!

Once Upon A Platypus: Morning Routine! by Ron Braun.  A platypus trying to copy a human’s morning routine.  A funny strip with lots of humorous bits.

Okay, that’s about half the strips.  I’ll continue with more in a few days!

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