Saturday, July 7, 2012


Okay, I thought I’d post something a little off beat this time. But I couldn’t resist. It’s too funny not to talk about. At least I think so
First, it involves this which I posted before, but you should watch to refresh yourself.

Now, if you didn’t watch or thought you didn’t need to, let me explain.  The video is a promotion for the webseries Out With Dad’s season finale wrap party. It was held yesterday, and I did not have the pleasure of attending.  But that isn’t important right now. The important thing to note is how in the video Lindsey Middleton tries to tell everyone about the chance to win a “walk-on role” on the show.  Somehow she instead says “rock”.  She then uses her ability as a trained actor to cover for her mistake and promises rocks to people at the party.  I wonder if there’s a specific technique actors are taught when they do something like this.  Perhaps there’s a proud teacher out there who saw this and said “I taught her how to do that!”?  But I digress…

You know, that sure took a while to type.  And proofread and re-write.  It would have been so much easier if you would have just watched the video from the link.  Promise to do so next time, okay?  In only have so much time to spend on this stuff!
Anyway, all this leads to this picture:

This make me laugh, perhaps more than anything I’ve seen on Facebook in months. (You know how people send around those images that are supposed to be really funny…but are usually just “okay”?) Also, I’m sure it pleased everyone at the party.  I imagine, had there been no rocks available, there may have been a scene.  Great job Lindsey!   The willingness to carry through on a promise is a trait far too lacking in our modern society.

And if the acting thing doesn’t work out, I do have some contacts with people who sell rocks.
I think you’d be good at it.

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