Saturday, June 30, 2012

Review: Out With Dad 2.11 "Out With Doubts" (part 2)

I plan to finish my over-written analysis of “Out With Doubts” in this entry no matter what!  Here goes:

Kenny and Alicia make a nice little appearance in this episode.  Kenny is being Kenny, acting all goofy while asking Alicia to the dance.  Though some people might worry too much about what observers would thin of such antics, Kenny isn’t worried about such stuff.  Alicia seems very pleased with his behavior.  She seems like a smart and sensitive girl.  They do make a cute couple, as noted by Claire.

And here’s where we get to the big event of this episode: Claire wants Rose to go to the dance with her.  As a date.  Or as friends.  But Rose isn’t keen on the idea.  She says she isn’t ready, and I’d agree that she certainly isn’t.  To secure Rose’s feelings about out to the general public, she encounters some classmates who are concerned about a lesbian being in the girls locker room.  The girls suspect Claire is gay and don’t thin it’s fair for her gym class to have to change in front of her if she is.  This is an interesting view, and one I’ve heard before in different circumstances.  It was, in fact, the number one reason stated by the US Military back in the 90’s when President Clinton tried to remove the ban on homosexuals serving in the military.  Though I understand where the girls get their idea, I don’t agree with their point.  Changing in front of a gay person isn’t the same as changing in front of someone of the opposite sex.  Mostly because of the lack of anatomical difference.  If they were being harassed in the locker room by another girl that would be an issue, but that’s not their complaint.

The episode ends with a great scene with Rose and her Dad.  Allow me first to praise the chemistry between Kate Conway and Will Conlon.  They interact so naturally with each other that it’s hard to believe they aren’t really related.  After his difficult encounter, Dad needs a hug and Rose’s reaction is priceless.  He also asks her about encountering homophobia, but she denies any such problems.  She shrugs off such things because “This is Toronto”.  This brings up some good points.  First, it is telling that she and her dad are encountering homophobia in what would be considered by most people to be a place very friendly to people who are not heterosexual.  I do imagine it would be worse for them if they lived in an area such as South Carolina, where the general population is much less tolerant of homosexuality.  Of course, there are plenty of place on this Earth where there is almost no tolerance for homosexuality.  So let me give Canada credit for having a society that, though not perfect, is way ahead of other societies on our planet!

The conversation between Nathan and Rose concerning relationships is excellent.  Nathan’s parental instincts are right on concerning Rose’s internal conflict over her feelings for the unattainable Vanessa and her growing attraction to the ready and willing Claire. Nathan sees the similarities with his situation with Angela.  And once again, he passes on the opportunity to tell his daughter that he’s dating.  C’mon man!  Ya gotta tell her!!  I think it’s important to notice the ease Nathan has when talking with his daughter about her attraction to other girls.  It shows how he accepts her for who she is.  Thinking back to Claire’s mother, I think in such a situation she would try, but cringe a bit and have a much harder time talking about it.  In the end, Rose’s dad gives her some good advice, but it’s going to be up to Rose to decide what she wants to do.  I was going to say that if I were she I’d go to the dance with Claire.  But, I wouldn’t want to go to a dance, ever, so that’s not really true.  Which gives me the thought that maybe she should tell Claire that she’d like to do something else with her.  Perhaps something less public.  But it would be a dramatic visual to have them go to the dance together…

So as you read this you may be thinking this puts me totally in the “team Claire” camp.  But that’s not true.  I just don’t think Rose has an obligation to Vanessa to sit around and wait for Vanessa to become available someday, somehow.  Rose is 15 and she should be socializing a bit and spending time with other girls to see what she does and doesn’t like.  Plus, I think finding other teenage girls who are gay or bisexual wouldn’t be easy. (I don’t really know…I’ve never tried.)  Therefore, she should see how much she likes the ones she does meet.  Maybe her and Claire will become a romantic couple, maybe she will eventually get together with Vanessa officially, or maybe she’ll never get serious with either and meet someone else down the road.  So…does that mean I’m “team Vanessa” or “team Claire”?  Nope…I’m neither.  I just want Rose to be happy.  And you know a work of fiction is very well done when you’re emotionally invested in a character enough to be worried about their future.

Well, one more episode to go this season.  I’m anxious to see the finale, but I also wish the season didn’t have to end!

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