Monday, May 21, 2012

Motor City Con Recap

This is my report about the Motor City Comic Con.  I had a table at the con last weekend.  My short version recap is: BEST CON EVER!!  But I would be remiss if I didn’t go into some details about this!
Table set!
 The crowd at Motor City Con was absolutely amazing!  The most amazing aspect was the size of the crowd.  I’m sure there were some people in Michigan that didn’t come to the Con.  Maybe.  One attendee told me he spent 45 minutes in line to get in the door on Saturday and the line was wrapped around the building when he got in!  There were times I couldn’t see the table across the aisle because of the congestion.  The Sunday crowd was understandably smaller, but it was still pretty amazing.  Perhaps as big as most Saturday crowds I’ve seen.

But it wasn’t just the size of the crowds that was great.  It was the people who made up the crowd.  First I must say I was impressed by all the people getting their geek on with the amazing costumes and cool t-shirts.  I especially love to see the little kids just having a blast all decked out better than Halloween night!  And the crowd was very diverse.  I recall how when I was a teenager, comic conventions were attended almost entirely by teenage boys.  The crowds now are full of people old and young, male and female, and entire families are often seen traveling the floor.
I'm ready for a great con!

Finally, the crowd was so very nice and fun!  People who came by to take a look at my table, chat with me, or buy something from me were extremely friendly and it was a pleasure to meet you all!  The other artists and vendors I got to talk to were just as pleasant as can be also!

I made a lot of sales at Motor City.  It was definitely my best numbers ever.  It’s a great feeling as an artist to know there’s something you made that is sitting on someone else’s table, desk, or shelf somewhere!  Taking a look at the statues I posted in my last entry, the only ones I still have are the Black Widow, Cyclops, and the Cthulhu statue.
I did not get smashed by the super-cool giant balloon Hulk!

As a final note I’d like to give a shout to my friend and helper Dan Moyer who came with me Saturday.  Dan’s not a big comic book guy and he’s never attended a comic con before, and I can tell you he was rather blown away!  His interest is more in the celebrity guests who attended.  Dan has written about classic Hollywood in his biography of actor/producer Jack Webb , which you can find on Amazon here.

Well, that’s all for now.  Once again, it was a great great con!!  And to all the folks who purchased my works thank you thank you thank you!  Excelsior!

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