Monday, January 9, 2012


No, I’m not talking about the primary elections, or anything like that.  However, I have had two opportunities to vote in non-political areas recently, so I thought I’d put to words my thoughts about such.

First is the Indie Soap Awards.  You can vote for the fans’ choice indie soap of the year on via this link.    And you are allowed to vote early and often!  By which I mean you can vote once per day. I voted for Out With Dad (several times), because it is, of course, my favorite Independent soap.  (Well, technically it’s the only indy soap I’ve watched.  But that’s beside the point that it’s a great show and has earned the right to win this award by being such a great show!)  I would hope I could convince at least one person who otherwise isn’t thinking of voting to go to the We Love Soaps site and vote for Out With Dad!  It’s easy and fun!  If you want to watch Out With Dad first, go to and then vote!

The second area I’ve had a chance to vote is the Comic Buyers Guide Fan Awards.  I first voted in these awards back when I was in High School and CBG was a newspaper-type publication about comics, and you mailed your ballot.  Comic Buyers Guide is still going strong online and in print format and their fan awards are as worthwhile as ever.  From their website: you can currently nominate your favorite projects and creators.  I don’t read as many new comics as I used to, but I still had plenty of categories that I had clear favorites last year.  The category I thought I’d discuss in this blog today is webcomic.

There are three webcomics that I follow regularly.  I check out others at times, but these are the three that keep me coming back no matter what.  I had to pick one of these to be my choice for a nomination: Lady Spectra and Sparky by J Kevin Carrier and friends is the story of a Mother-Daughter super hero team.  The writing and art are fun and the storylines are very entertaining.  There are a few super teams that are families, but this is the only Mother/Daughter super team I know of.  It’s a light look at juggling parenting are crime fighting. Timeless by Mike Indovina combines Greek myths, time travel, pulp heroes, mystery, and did I mention Greek Myths?  (I love Greek mythology!!)  Mike does a great job keeping the story moving along with lots of surprises and has a fun way of changing his art style as the main character travels through time. The only complaint I have is that he doesn’t produce the pages fast enough! American Barbarian by Tom Scioli is another comic that emphasizes fun!  Tom takes a He-Man/Masters of the Universe type hero in a mixed sci-fi/Fantasy setting (Picture dinosaurs versus giant machines) in a Kirby-esque style with cool names like “Two-Tank Omen”.  American Barbarian is a blast!

All the above are, of course, highly recommended by me.  They’re free online so check them out! 

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