Thursday, January 19, 2012

Character bio- Rayzap

Name: Rayzap

Real name: Omar Rodriguez

History: Omar is the son of the villain known as Lazer Ray.  When Omar’s mother started a romantic relationship with his father she only knew he was an American businessman.  She found out he was really a criminal and left him after she found out she was pregnant.  She raised Omar secretly in a Central American country and he grew up knowing nothing about his father.  Years later, Lazer Ray discovered the existence of Omar and had him kidnapped and brought to a secret island lair in the Bahamas.  Lazer Ray forced Oamr to undergo a surgery to implant a bio-lazer on Omar’s right arm, in place of his right hand.  The Extra-normal heroes 1st Man and Oceanus tried to save Omar but were too late to prevent the completion of the surgery.

            Once Omar realized his life had been irrevocably changed he decided to use his powers for the benefit of mankind instead of following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a villain.  Taking the code name Rayzap, Omar founded an extra-normal group that seeks out people who need help using and controlling extra-normal powers called the Kansas City Kids.  Rayzap is the current leader of the “Kids”.
Powers: At the end of Rayzap’s right arm is a device known as a “bio-lazer”.  This device uses the energies of Rayzap’s body to emit energy blasts.  These blasts strike targets with both concussive force and heat.  It is unknown what limit in power and endurance there is to these blasts.

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