Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Character Bio- Oceanus

Name: Oceanus

Former Alias: Ocean Boy. 

History: Around 1980, 1st Man introduced to the press that he had joined forces with a partner.  This partner was dubbed “Ocean Boy” by the media due to his aquatic powers. Soon, that name was changed to Oceanus on bequest of this new partner.  According to media accounts, Oceanus is the last survivor of a race of human-like beings that once lived under the Earth’s oceans.  Oceanus served as partner to 1st Man and a member of the loosely organized super-group known as the F.E.D.s until he disappeared with 1st Man on a mission in 1992.
Powers: Oceanus can survive underwater or on land with no apparent deficit in either environment.  He is an excellent swimmer, and he has exceptional strength, the upper level of which is unknown.  It is theorized that his powers are the result of having lived beneath the tremendous pressure of the Earth’s ocean for most of his life.

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