Thursday, October 13, 2011

Character Bio--1st Man

Between posting about conventions and other artistic accomplishments, I thought I'd do some biographies of characters from the F.E.D.s, starting withe the first heros of them all....1st Man!

Name: 1st Man

Real Name: Unknown

History:  In 1974, 1st Man stopped a group of terrorists at a college campus.  After the event, he gave an interview with the press.  Based on this interview and further appearances, the media reported that 1st Man was originally a Biologist who received his extra-normal power through an experiment gone awry.  He kept his identity secret from the public but made many heroic appearances by himself, with his partner, Oceanus, and with the super group known as the F.E.D.s before he and Oceanus disappeared while on a mission in 1992.

Powers:  1st Man can morph his body, stretching his appendages to lengths seen to exceed 10 feet from his body.  When he does this, he is granted above normal strength.  He is also immune to the effects of lasers when he is in his morphed state, as they bounce off him.  He has been seen to morph his entire body, but incidences of this are rare.

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