Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Baby Groot statue

I did some sculpting recently and thought it was a good time to post the results with the release last weekend of the second Guardians of the Galaxy movie.

I've also been drawing a story for Squad Car #3, the publisher of which made this goofy hype video for:


More soon!


  1. Where can one read more about Squad Car?

    And where is the FEDS tpb? ;)

    1. You can find out more about Squad Car and other Capricorn Comics at https://capricorncomix.wordpress.com/

      Funny you should ask about the FEDs. I have just returned to working on volume 2 after being too busy last year. My plan is to release issue 1 of Volume 2 and a trade collection at the same time. Hope it all works out! And thank you for your interest and comment!

  2. I'm late responding to this. Are you going to use a Print On Demand service for the trade collection? I recommend Createspace.

    I bought a copy of the first issue off of you a number of years ago and enjoyed it. I think reading the first volume as a whole would be a real treat and I'm sure you would make a cool cover too.