Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Dr. Strange

Marvel's premiere mystic has long been one of my favorites, though it is rather...strange. I don't usually like characters with no upper limit to their power, and the good Doc definitely is one of the most powerful Marvel characters ever created. In effect, he can do anything the writer wants him to do. Because..magic! However, despite this seeming lack of a weakness, there are some absolutely amazing Dr. Strange comics.

First, there is the original run by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee, which established the back ground and tone for Marvel magic. Stan continued after Steve's departure and kept the neat adventures going. Anyone should agree that Doc has one of the best origin stories ever, and the rhyming incantations really bring a flavor to the series that other magical acts lack.

Then there's my favorite: the Roger Stern run in the 80's begun with artist Marshall Rogers and completed with the inimitable Paul Smith. Roger's run harkens back to the Steve/Stan days and yet doesn't seem "old" at all. It also develops the relationship between Stephen and his disciple and love Clea. As well Roger gives us a Clea who grows beyond the shadow of her mentor, and proves very capable on her own!

Anyway, even though I think it would be incredibly difficult to continue to write stories that challenge a guy who can cast spells to do pretty much anything he needs done, Dr. Strange has some excellent comics. And the recent movie mines the source material very well to give us another successful "Marvel Movie"! Though not as good as Ant-Man, in my opinion, Dr. Strange is a "must not miss" movie for anyone who like the Marvel cinematic universe or the classic comics!

I'll end with a recent drawing of mine, influenced greatly by the Ditko look, and created with all colored pencil. Just to see what I could do:

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