Monday, January 23, 2017

Review: "Counselling Vanessa 52" OWD 4.17 & "Without Regret?" OWD 4.18

Today I continue my look at season 4 of the webseries Out With Dad. Episode 4.17 returns our story to Vanessa's counselling sessions, and she looks to be feeling much better about herself. She talks of the assault by Kyle in the flop house, and how it made her feel scared and stupid. She mentions Kayla but doesn't go into details about their physical encounter. The counsellor convinces Vanessa she did the nest she could in the situation. I think this is important, as there is a lot of "Monday morning quarterbacking" when you've made some bad decisions. It's easier to determine alternatives after the fact, but hard to come up with them on the spot.

Vanessa seems to be healing well, and I'll add that Lindsey Middleton is just about perfect as always in these counselling episodes. It's really just her, acting with her expressions and voice, and going through a whole gamut of emotions, and it's amazing as well as sad to watch.

Now, as for "Without Regret", episode 4.18. Well....we have Out With Dad's first sex scene. And honestly, I'm not sure how comfortable I am discussing this. But it is handled with grace and humor by (writer/director) Jason and (Rose and Claire) Kate and Caitlynne. But it is a dream come true for the characters and many fans. After discussing polyamory, we switch scenes to Rose finding out her dad has (probably) had sex also (yes kids, old people can do it too). Then we segue into "Freindsgiving" preparation and a surprise appearance by...Vanessa! Two! That is, "shaved-head" Vanessa, and Rose's current love interest. Rose, surprisingly (to me anyway) jumps at the chance to spend time with Vanessa II.

Okay, this episode is funny, charming, and propels the story forward in some pretty big ways. It also leaves you wanting more! And I just love the little in-jokes, that those who haven't followed the extra creator comments might not understand. I speak of Alicia's never-seen boyfriend and some people not liking musicals. Me, I'd love to live in a musical.

And I love this series. Still going strong!

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