Monday, January 4, 2016

New Project

I've made a decision.  I have, reluctantly, decided to post my Mutant Elf webcomic on a bi-weekly schedule.  Mutant Elf has been weekly since it began, never missing a deadline. (After all, it's only one page a week...not so hard.) I'm not changing it to bi-weekly because I've slowed down on my output, though.  I'm changing it so I have time to work on my new project.  The new project will also be bi-weekly, being posted on the Sundays that Mutant Elf is not posted.  So it's the same number of comics, just spread over two series.

But what is this new series?  It's called "Mutant Animals vs. Zombies vs. Machines vs. Humans.  I think of it as the ultimate end-of-civilization scenario.  Hopefully it will be fun and dramatic.  It gives me a chance to flex some different creative muscles, while not being too serious.  The first page will go up this Sunday, but here's a preview of that page in it's early stages:

It's a new year, and awesome stuff is coming, I'm sure.  So I'm trying to do my part and be as awesome as I can!  Please check out the new strip every other Sunday!

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