Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Review: Reconnecting with Owen (OWD 4.04)

It’s been many a month since I commented on my favorite webseries, Out With Dad, so I think I’ll start to catch up now.

Season 4 continues every month.  I haven’t commented on an episode since “An Island Outing” in July.  August’s episode was called “Reconnecting with Owen”.  It’s a bit of a strange title, because although Rose spends this episode reconnecting, we the viewers haven’t seen Owen before, so we are being introduced to him, not reconnecting with him.  But the show isn’t about us anyway, it’s about Rose.  And Dad.

Owen is an old friend of Rose’s who is slightly older and has an obvious physical disability. We know he is not very limited by his disability because we quickly learn he drove across Canada by himself.  And Canada’s a pretty big place.  Owen is taking business classes. Owen doesn’t seem like a business person, but he seems a little aimless also, so I doubt he’ll get a business degree.  I think it’s interesting that Rose is studying journalism.  It does seem rather front-and-center a major for the self-professed shy person.  Also, Rose claims her high school grades weren’t great, which seems to contradict her previously established intelligence.  Perhaps her grades fell due to other circumstances distracting her?

By the way, the camera work during Rose’s telling of her high school Vanessa relationship is great!  It really emphasizes the hectic thoughts as Rose tries to explain it all to Owen.  His reaction is understandable.  Hopefully we’ll see more of Owen soon.  He seems really cool, and also I think he’s the guy friend Rose needs to talk with – the role Kenny used to fill.

Well, I’m one episode closer to getting caught up!  I’ll try to keep the reviews coming!

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