Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Review: Scribbles

Among my next few posts, I’m going to review some comics I picked up at SPACE- the small press convention held in Columbus, Ohio every year.

Scribbles is produced by Kel Crum, who is an all-around nice guy in addition to being a very funny fellow.  Scribble is a series of collection of some funny comics starring Brenda Visage, Ed Thud, Cornelia, Chickens, and Donna the Dead.  I’ve talked of Kel before and he’s just one of those guys who know how to be funny.  (He also knows everything-and I mean everything- about classic cartoons, but that’s another story.) The stories here range from a girl who comes apart to a dream and a battery powered… well…It’s hard for me to explain the jokes in his comics…so I think you should check out his website and contact him to buy some very good and affordable comics!  If you don’t laugh I’m sure he’ll give you your money back.  Actually, I’m not sure of that at all, I just made it up, but you should buy his stuff anyway.  You’ll laugh!

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