Monday, March 2, 2015

Review: Agent Carter

First let me say I am totally in love with Hayley Atwell. Her portrayal of Peggy Carter is just so perfect and she is just so amazing and adorable at the same time.  I can’t imagine a more perfect casting.  I would think just about everyone else who has seen this series would agree with me.  This show totally belongs to Ms. Atwell and she shows no trouble carrying it on her beautiful shoulders.

Agent Carter tells the story of a government agent fighting evil and sexism in America after WWII.  I am a sucker for period pieces, and this period in particular in very engaging to me.  Partly because this is the time when Marvel Comics earliest roots were beginning to form.  Long before Stan and Jack would change the world with the Fantastic Four there were plenty of little comics written and drawn by all kinds of hard working people nobody knows, getting very little credit.  But these guys laid the groundwork that eventually became the franchise that created Agent Carter.  Likewise, Peggy Carter helps lay the groundwork for what eventually becomes SHIELD and the current Marvel cinematic continuity.

But mostly I loved the series because it had that edge-of-your-seat style of writing where you’re expecting twists and tragedy every second.  The story had lots of action and intrigue, and kept me wanting more every week.  And now I want more even more than I wanted more before.  The series left the future promising peril and I hope we get to see some more of Agent Carter and friends.  If only they could get Jim Hammond, the android Human Torch, to guest star!

Hint!  Hint!

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