Thursday, February 5, 2015

What a Jerk!

Kate Conway is a talented award-winning actress from Canada. She is the star of the webseries Out With Dad.  And she is the co-writer of the episode “Out After Dark” that I had the pleasure of drawing as a comic. She has now released a new series wherein she admits to being a jerk.

I think it is rather brave of Kate to come out and admit that she is a jerk.  I know some people who are jerks, and they seem to have the same problems: 1) they do not know they are jerks or 2) they do not admit they are jerks.  So, hats off to Kate for being honest.

Except for one thing!

I don’t think she’s really a jerk.  The first episode really does make her look like a bit of an unkind person, I’ll admit.  I, however, believe it’s all an act.  The way I see it, if Kate is such a great actress that she’s won all these awards, she would be ACTING like a jerk, and not really be a jerk at all.  Make sense, doesn’t it?  In fact, there’s probably no way we have of knowing what kind of person she is, because any way she acts could be…acting!  Thinking about it just boggles the mind! Maybe she’s nice, or mean, or apathetic, or maybe she’s not even Canadian and just acts like one!

But my point is, the show is very funny.  I’ve gotten a few people to watch it and they thought it was funny.  So everyone else should watch it and then think it is funny, too!

If you don’t, you’re kind of being a jerk.

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