Monday, December 16, 2013

Review: Out With Dad 3.02 :Dining In & Out

Well, since I haven’t quite finished the Legion of Super-Heroes book I’m wanting to comment on, I think I’ll spend some more time discussing the award-winning webseries Out With dad. Let’s see…when I left off episode 3.01 had ended and Rose was going to go to Claire’s house for a dinner…date?

I’ll take a break here and mention that season 3 really is the best season yet!  Much of which is the better-than ever performances from the main cast, who just get better and better.  The production values of this show are incredible, also.  Though I have no real idea how to make a TV series, I don’t see a drop in quality between Out With Dad and the network shows on the regular tube.  Finally, the writing is practically perfect in every way.  The story is going places I thought it would go in ways I never foresaw. And that’s really cool!

Episode 3.02 is a rather humorous episode.  Probably the lightest of the first block of season 3.  Nathan’s joy over planning a romantic get-together with the lovely Angela, and his interaction with Rose about her attire for the evening help set up the light atmosphere.  I think I’ll discuss the Nathan/Angela relationship first.  Things seem to be progressing very well between the “senior couple” on the show.  We find from their conversation that they’ve been rather active in the off-season, except that they haven’t progressed to the point where they meet each other’s families.  Except for the big problem that Nathan is still afraid to tell Rose he’s dating.  Which he really needs to do!  Of course, we the audience know that Rose knows anyhow, which may just cause more problems when he does tell her, or she tells him.

Now on to the “junior couple”.  Claire’s family is great!  They are all just enough like Claire that they do seem like one big family.  And little brother Brian is certainly my favorite new character!  He’s very realistically annoying and know-it-all, nosy and fun to watch.  Claire’s mom’s clunky efforts to support her daughter are also fun to watch.  Her methods are different from the quiet support of Nathan, but she really does want her daughter to be happy in the end.  And Claire is her usual bubbly self, while we also get to see her more introspective side.  Claire is louder and less intellectual than Rose, but she’s also passionate and dedicated to a cause she believes in.  One of the reasons Rose and Claire are such a nice couple is how they balance each other in ways.  For instance, Rose may be honors level in academics, but Claire knows more about LGBT history.

I enjoyed the dinner sequence for the laughs stemming from the awkwardness.  The couch scene was extremely well done, also.  The switches in the conversation were interesting and natural, and the subtle way the girls come closer to each other was great.  And then the interruption when they finally kiss…oh boy!

Bu that’s better discussed next time.  I think I’ve written enough for today!

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