Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Review: Fluid

Fluid is a comic I picked up at the Detroit Fanfare Comic Convention last month.  Creator Kamron Reynolds had his table next to mine and it was a pleasure to be beside him.  Fluid is one of many comics Kamron had available, and I picked it because it is aimed at younger readers, which sounded like fun to me!

I was right.  This is a good, fun comic to read.  The basic story is about a kid who is new in town and has arrived at a very interesting time.  It’s summer and the new kid, Joe, needs to learn the rules to survive.  Luckily he meets a friendly boy named Neal who can show him the ropes.  And teach him the rules. Most of which has to do with massive water-balloon fights.  And that’s what makes this comic so much fun!  Art-wise, Fluid is fun and cartoony, with nice action sequences.  Kamron does a very good job showing the emotions on the characters and the colors make everything clear. The only problem is that the story ends just as things are getting started!  But it’s a great set-up for a series and I look forward to reading more about Joe in the future.

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