Monday, October 28, 2013

2013 Detroit Fanfare recap

This last weekend I was an artist exhibitor at the 2013 Detroit Fanfare Comic Book convention.  I shall try to summarize the experience, though there is too much to tell and I’m likely to forget many things worth mentioning.

 First I must complement the organizers of this event.  Detroit Fanfare isn’t the largest Comicon around, but it’s just about the perfect size in the eyes of many exhibitors and attendees.  The small number of media stars present allows for more emphasis for the artists and more interaction between artists and individual attendees.  The attendance at the event was large enough to create a steady flow of people in the aisle all weekend without getting clogged, which I think allowed people to stop and look and talk as they wished.  I talked with many attendees who said Detroit Fanfare is their favorite convention!  One person in particular said that at other, bigger cons they felt like they were getting pushed around and yelled at all day, while everyone at Fanfare, including workers and volunteers, were very nice.

Personally, I did very well with sales and had a great time talking with attendees and other creators.  I bought a couple odd back issues I found plus some great priced trade collections. I also got some art and comics from other creators.  I’d like to say how nice the other artists around me were and how much they added to my enjoyment of the weekend. I’d also like to thank everyone who came by a talked to me at my table, whether you purchased anything.  If you did buy something from me I hope you are satisfied with your purchase!  I try my best to produce some nice products, and I’m still awed that there are people out there who want to own stuff that I make.

Finally, I must add how much fun all the kids at the con were!  Fanfare does a great job with children’s activities, including the Trick-or-Treating on Sunday. It’s great fun! Well, I hope everyone else’s weekend was as good as mine.  And I can’t wait until Detroit Fanfare 2014!

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