Monday, June 10, 2013

Review: The Green Gorgon

The Green Gorgon #1 is Mike Indovina’s follow up to his award winning webcomic Timeless.  (Since Timeless is free on the web, you could also read it now and not have any of the following reveal any major spoilers.)  Timeless is the story of a woman named Pyrrha Stavros, who discovered she’s an immortal being who does not just live in the present day, but can travel backwards and forwards in time, taking on the personas of past lives she had lived.  She mostly deals with the ancient Greek and Silenus the Satyr, the 1980’s when she was a High School student, and the 1940’s when she was a masked crime-fighter called…the Green Gorgon!

Mike art in The Green Gorgon is a bit sketchier than in Timeless, and the printed book does not have the color that is present in the webcomic.  However, he still has a charming cartoony style that shifts somewhat, while still staying recognizable, as Pyrrha shifts through different time eras.  The Green Gorgon costume and the design of the armored villain are particularly nice, also.

The story in The Green Gorgon does a lot of time-jumping and does it well.  I must admit time-travel stories are not something I normally enjoy, due to them usually using time travel as a cure-all to whatever problems arise in the story.  Mike avoids this aspect by explaining how the immortal characters exist in a way that they are moving through time like a reader can flip the pages in a comic forward and backward.  Also, he uses the example of a movie filmed out of sequence as a way to explain how the time travel in Green Gorgon works.  I like this explanation, and it added to my enjoyment of the story.  Mike also does a very good job writing dialogue for his characters, and making that dialogue fit the era’s cultures of the characters.  I especially like his writing with Silenus the Satyr, but he doesn’t make an appearance in this book.

I’ve enjoyed all of Mike’s work I’ve read so far. I yearn for more!  Check out his website to read some stuff and make some purchases!

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